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12 Dec 2005

OK. Now I am taught - I must play

Ok - I know the novelty will wear off but this is what I have been snapping today including the new banner of Ellie. I took this at the lakeside tonight after school - she looks all lost and in thought.
First is a self portrait - working by rule of thirds - its so much nicer to get shots off centre. I had to set the self timer for this one and pretend to be all moody. Ok - Im always moody but you know what I mean. Whether I got the app/shutter speed right I dont know but I played around in Micrografix Studio to get the grainy/arty effect.

Next pic is of me in the baubles (My - Im so me, me, me today! and I gather Anna and I have the same brain cos she was doing this today too - her pics better than mine as well. Just goes to show that you odnt need a course to get a great shot!) Its dark but I didnt want to use the flash. (click the picture for a better view). You can see my reflection in all the beads as well as the bauble. Im chuffed with that - I didn't use Macro and wish I had now. I might try again tomorrow. Ive also got a double bauble picture which has been cropped but the blown up quality is pants - remember - the more you crop the more quality you lose on your finish. If you have a raw format setting for pics - I strongly urge you to use this for pictures you wish to "blow up!!".

Plus look at all my gifts I received in the post - Thank you Jennie and Clare. Im so lucky to have such adorable friends. The hat pins are for a heritage layout and the ATC is just a something I had my eye on for a few days last week. I practically begged Clare for one for me to hoard and lick whenever I want. I would try and lick the hat pins but they is old and sharp!
Thank the lord for the age of Digi - otherwise I would have gone through 10,000 films today. Isnt it bizarre the fact we have the discretion to keep or delete what we want, change it to hoThw we like? Who says we all don't want to live in a perfect world?


domestic goddess said...

loving that picture of you hun, gorgeous

Cath said...

More greats shots but espesh love the pic of you :)

Paula said...

Interesting pics and great friends. :)