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22 Dec 2005

My fingers are killing me

I've been scrapping and making cards solidly for two days and i feel arthritic. Typing doesn't help and making quiches and preparing italian meals for 11, scrubbing the bathroom, helping Ellie on the laptop which I suddenly don't own anymore ..... my hands need a day off. Anyway - whinge over. Made these cards for Mark - one from me and one from Belle. He took one look and went aaaaaaaah for like, one second and put them on top of the telly. Men have no idea with the amount of work you put into hand made stuff. But Id feel such a cheat with a bought one and he would only complain about not getting a hand made one - ba humbug Mark!

Got this AMAZING amount of heritage embellishments from my delightful chica freind - Marja. Isnt she an absolute peach? I dying to use all of them.... ive licked them 5 times and have probably imbalanced the acidity and oh man.... slurp!. Thank you so much Marja Majoram herby girl - I can't thank you enough - mwah!

Anna had some horrific incidents today - Izzy only set the house on fire. Go and read her blog - she will probably update it tommorrow. All I can say is ........ she had her camera at hand for the hunky firemen (am tempted to get Ellie to do the same so I can be swept away by some bare chested fireman with bulging biceps and a knowing smile.... sigh!). Sending you my love Anna - I know you have had one hell of a day with your dad moving but he is here and christmas is in 3 freaking days! xxxx


Shell with the altered eyes!! said...

Yummy cards, yummy treats (especially those paper clips!)!!

Marja said...

Awww Kirsty you make me blush! Am glad it all arrived safely and let me know if you need more of any of it :)

amberjane said...

Kirsty hun have a fabby chrimbo and an amazing new year - luv ya :) (and the family all say Hi! )