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29 Dec 2005

more nice piccies

I forgotted I took these pics on my course at the beginning of Dec. There has been no manipulation to them - im sure I could make them look more wow in photoshop. It does look better when enlarged too. Man, that course feels like flippin months ago now, so much has been crammed in between then and now. The sunflower one was taken in a medium lit studio with reflectors. I love the yellow against the blue. Most of the students were taking different perspective angles of the flower - I just wanted a snippet. Im awkward I know but I like being different at times, it's the aquarius in me.
The autumnal trees were too amazing not to be shot from the floor - I liked the perspective of this shot too. I love the dirty, mouldy look of the leaves on the ground with the spectacular rusty background of the leaves on the trees. I also love the black, inky fingery branches making this picture not beautiful - just interesting I think. Of course, Mark thinks it poo poo becuase he just doesn't "get" nature pics.
Later today - Im going to show you how to play with shutter speeds....meaning taking nice shots indorrs without the dreaded flash. Ill be backs laterzzzz.....


domestic goddess said...

so loving the tree pic, its gorgeous, go slap mark around teh chops for me and tell him to wake up!!!!!

loving all your shots at the mo, great stuff babes

anna xxxxx

Kelly said...

i lurve that piccie of the trees and that flower is divine looking for some tips as i have same camera as you too :D