Ladies Camera Club

12 Dec 2005

I came. I saw. I photographed. I happy.

Wow. Wow. And triple Wow. In two days my perspective and interest in photography has increased more times than the rate of inflation in the last 100 years. I cannot describe the amazing things I have learned. I went down to The Photography School in Reading where we were given exclusive teachings by Freddie and Mark Walker. <<< Click on the picture to see a larger view.

Day 1 was phenomenal as we practiced playing with light, portraits and still life in underlit rooms - I just cannot believe my camera took these pictures (with a lil help from photoshop I hasten to add!) The guy in both the pictures is Glynn, my hubs cousin. He is a superb photographer in his own right and really didn't need to come on this course but he picked up some hot tips and we had a blast. I need to manipulate this pic of Glyn folding his arms but I just adore this candid shot!
I know that from this day on - the way I scrapbook will improve dramatically as I have learned how to get better shots with my Ellie for starters. Im going on the next course after christmas to help polish up some more skills but feel the need to upgrade my camera already. Mark is having a panic attack so I gave him one of my brown paper bags and told him to take it easy.

This is the gang of us that attended the course with our prized photos printed and mounted by Freddie. I wanna say a huge thanks to Becky, Amanda, Sam, Imran, Glyn, Mark and Freddie for helping me have a superb weekend with lots of laughs and posing and tips and snap happy memories. Thanks - you completely fabbo bunch of wannabe paparazzi!
Oh man - I know Im not going to be able to sleep tonight. I have these great shots planned of Ellie and the festive family gatherings - I just know the click, click, click of my camera is gonna wind everyone up!