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20 Dec 2005

Eeeeeeks! On the cover again

Well shiver me timbers - one o' me layouts made front cover. This is a layout of Pigglets (christine) kids who were posing with Rudolph noses last year. I added the antlers for effect and they look so adorable. I had no idea this was gonne be front cover and Im over the moon - more so for Christine xxxx I did ask on UKS a while back for subject matter for kids at christmas and she kindly gave me these two beauties. Anita also supplied me one but I did the layout in black and white (same issue) but they dont print dark layouts on front covers. I feel rotten that I cannot scrap Ellie as much as Id like to cos her eyes are always closed and its not fair to her - she wouldnt thank me when she is older so thats my only comfort.

Also in this issue there is also a double layout of Mark and I in New York this years (My first ever double and I am not a BIG fan to be honest) although I did use Blonde moment papers which are so pretty/girly/funkadelic. Plus in this issue is an altered rolling pin and sandwich board that I did with some inks they sent me to play with. So all in all - you could say that people are gonna be sick o' the sight 'o me in this issue - SOZ!
Im up to date on all me cards - they were all sent out today plus all my freinds gifts are wrapped and posted. banking up to date, complaints dealt with (not with me - made by me!!) and marks just come in with a final shop for tomorrows birthday celebrations (he is 39 tomoz - doesnt look a day over 57!!!).
PS: When you get some of your cards can I just add that Mark actually did them. Well, I designed them and cut the things out and supplied him with the master template. He copied the template 20 or so times using Blitzen von Schmitzen hausen. He even grubbed the edges in red with confidence. So please give him your compliments in a very empathic manner xxxxx


Caroline said...

Not sick of you at all ! Love the black and white layout,really fab

Marja said...

Awesome Kirsty!!! I love seeing your work, don't think I could get tired of it ever! Congrats on all the success, I am really happy for you. Couldn't all be happening to a nicer person :)

Shell said...

I totally agree with Marja!!! I might even have to start buying the UK Mags to see more!

I finished your challenge btw - will upload somewhere soon!

domestic goddess said...

well done hun, brill lo as ever
anna xxx

amberjane said...

Well done sweetie you know you deserve it, you talented miss you :)

Anam said...

loved tyour B&W layotu inside :) fab!!!

Paula said...

Happy Birthday Mark!

pigglet (christine) said...

we have just got back from our hols and wow the lo looks great!! thanks for making my darling children look so darn cute.



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