Ladies Camera Club

9 Dec 2005

David Bailey? Eat your heart out man!

Im off to get teached about digi photography this weekend. Im so excited because I have an expensive camera (Fuji S7000) which I use in "Auto" mode all the time (sacrilage). Im going to be learning about histograms, shutter speeds and settings I don't know about. I only found out I had super macro a short while ago - and man, its takes some stunning shots. Im hoping it will improve my scrapping style as the pics I take at the mo are grainy and pooey. Saying that - mark and I had this taken tonight whilst dressing the tree and its not so bad - but it could be bettter!

Our little ellie helped us dress the tree which I must say looks rather lushly. We lubs our tree at crimbo - I dont care if I never got presents - just having fun decorating it and titivating it is all I need for a super crimbo.

What colours are your tree decs? let me know. Ours are red and gold. Nothing more and nothing less and yes - every branch is bedecked in wunnerful crimbo lushness.


Lynsey said...

Mine is lilac and pink, will be putting it up tomorrow. We have dd1 5th birthday party today, 45 kids, wish me luck!!

domestic goddess said...

we have a red and gold tree too babes, and lots of angels throughout the house, and everyroom in my house has a lil bit of crimbo in it, i so love christmas
enjoy this weekend and let me know some of your top tips

anna xxx

Cath said...

Have a great time with the digi photography! Lovely pics!


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