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15 Dec 2005

Dark Days

Im getting tooo carried away with editing at the moment - just check out how BEAUTIFUL Lilly is (anna's little girl). I want her lashes and I want them right now!

I woke up this morning at 0745 and it was practically pitch black. I hate these dark wintry days. Roll on the 21st December (and also marks birthday) when it starts to get lighter - albeit by several minutes a day. I have done absolutely loads of work today. Completed orders, one layout (33 to go), tidied scrap room and spent 2 hours chatting to Marja .... felt like only 10 minutes. That gal can talk man! Its wonderful to hear how she spends her day - I want to be her. She can try being me..... she would hate it soooo much. And dont chuck your stash hun, unless its in my direction of course.
My mother-in-law made homemade mince pies tonight and gave me an entire batch. The thing about her pies is that she makes the mincemeat her self - without candied peel. They are to bloody die for and Ive eaten 4 already - but hey its crimbo and we have licence to put on a stone and look idiots in paper crowns all season!


domestic goddess said...

how weird is this , i have just popped this piccie onto my blog as well, you ahve done a most magnificent job babe ty
anna xxxx

Cath said...

AMazing picture!
Glad you managed to get lots done, wish i had!

Marja said...

LOL me too, wish I got more done yesterday! I can't multi task like you Kirsty (who got a LO done while we chatted). Today is another day and I will do better. First step is to go to the post office to send you all my stash of course!

Shell said...

Great photo!!!! You are too Uber Talented - snot fair!