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19 Dec 2005

The children in my life....

Besides dear sweet Ellie - I have a niece and a nephew called Meg and Dan. These two are on my hubs side of the family. I also have Charlotte on my side of the family who is too too cute. I take pictures of them whenever I can and this weekend saw the opportunity of me snapping Meg, Dan and Bell to fill photo frames for my M and FIL. They did a great job for which I rewarded them with a play in the park, feeding the ducks and hot chocolate to warm up with upon our return. I don't think I did a bad job. Ive opted for black and white as everyone was wearing a complete rainbow of colours which, when put totgether, made my head spin. It's a good job my in-laws are not internet freaks otherwise they would be seeing part of their present right now.

Went and did the last of our crimbo shops today - Toys R Us was manic!!! As Ellie has only reqested 3 things for crimbust we had to really search hard what to get her. I love buying little things that she can open from a mountain of other little things. She is a magpie when it comes to hand sized objects but give her a ball or some string and she is happy as larry.

Got my parcel today from A Million Little Things. Oh. My. God. Every sheet of patt paper is drenched from the amount of licking I have done to them. Im spoiled for choice with my next batch of projects. I also recived a fabbo gift parcel from Paperartsy. For those that have not yet had the priveledge of meeting Leandra and her eclectic range of the most amazing rubber stamps - can I just say that if you are into ATC's - then these lines of stamps are just the biz. thankfully Leandra donated me some goods for a series of bookwork which will tie in superbly with some whacked out heritage layouts I have planned. Sigh. Roll on the 14th January when everything has been done and dusted and I can put me size 4 feet up and have a break from sniffing the glue and stabbing my eyes out with my pin pricker!

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