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16 Dec 2005

At last - christmas shopping

We have actually and physically got up off our boney butts and been shopping. No Amazon, No E-bay, No Argos - actual and physical hand-in-your-purse-and-touching-the-gifts kind of spree. I felt alive!!! I bought so much wonderful stuff - I just know Ellie is going to love her crimbo gifts.

Had lunch out, did all our food shopping plus all the stuff for stockings, last minute extras and some clothes for me too. I cannot remember when I last bought some sloppy day clothes. I actually turned my PC on tonight at 3.30pm and its totally like ive been liberated. However I still miss all the fun and debauchery that goes with online chatting but it did me good to take a break and take in lots of fresh air!
Didnt do any scrapping so thats 2 layouts I have to do tommorrow. Ive been doing some sketches though so its half the battle complete.

Must go and have a bath (yes - its 5 past midnight) and finish off some cards for the last of the post before the xmas cut off.


Marja said...

Good job not turning on the computer until the afternoon! I am still not completely free of my addiction, lol. Have been good though and scrapped a few pages. I figured you would kick my bum if I didn't get stuff done hahaha.

Haven't forgotten about you, just can't find my heritagey piccies on my back up discs. Hope you're getting loads done!

Heather said...

LOL - You're not the only one. I was up till 1.30am writing Christmas cards before Saturday's Christmas cut-off. :D


Anonymous said...

but we miss you....

Paula said...

Good to read you so happy. :)