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31 Dec 2005

2006 - New beginings!

I can't wait for midnight.
It will be out with 2005 and in with 2006! Not that Im glad to see the back of 2005. Lots and lots has happened to all of us in this house of nuttiness. Ellie has a partial diagnosis, Mark's on the countdown for retiring from the army (yes, they retire at 40!!) and my artwork has given me the confidence to get as far as being published with 16 projects in magazines, 56 projects in bookazines and 16 in a book. I only started to scrap seriously in Nov 2004 and it's come to this. I hope 2006 is just as fortunate by means of sharing my ideas. Im also moving to Cambridge to start a new venture with Anna, Dies to Die for is for sale so I can concentrate on freelancing and Ellie. Im also investing my future with my beloved camera and portraits. Im saving for studio kit to kick start my amatuer photography with a dream and passion to combine my scrapbooking and photography into one heck of a hobby!

I hope you too have a blummin great night tonight. Eat all that leftover christmas loot, drink til your head hurts and rejoice with the idea that your new years resolution will last 3 days.

Oh, and by the way.............................. we have a 30% sale off everything on our website, go on, you know you shouldn't!


amberjane said...

Happy New year to You, Mark and Ellie hope it is a fab one :D
love and hugs Amberxxx

Kelly said...

good luck with your venture Kirsty and happy new year :D:D

Bridget Parsons said...

Just wanted to wish you well for 2006 and the exciting plans you have.
I love reading your blog, always make me feel good inside.

greyparrot said...

'appy noo year bintbag! It's all go at the 3 wisemans house! 2006 will be great!

Shell said...

Wishing you, Mark and Ellie a Fabulous 2006 hun!!

Marja said...

Happy New Year!! Hope all your dreams come true :)