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7 Nov 2005

Yup - great weekend!

Sheeeeesh - me feet haven't touched the floor. Big style. And now I have ankles the size of a small town in Oregon. Or maybe Venezuela. But anyway it was brillo and such fun. Moments of wrongness and unfinishedness too but ultimately fun and laughter - the type that makes your sides hurt for days. Our retreat, in sum, was a great adventure for me, a release for others and a chance to get away from DH and kids (or cats in some cases!). I think we covered 8 pro-jays de art including a star book, slide mount key ring, christmas card planner, envelope book, cd envelope, ATC, noodle box (unfinished - out of time, so sorry girls), a christmas card and a paper bag book - damnations, that makes 9. Food, fun and glue and more fun and mis-measurements and ooooh too much to write about.

Here we are on our night out. The waitress took this picture and chopped off poor janes head (sorry hun). Starting from the left we have dougie, karen, anna, sue, claire, moi, donna, froooty soooo, kathie and jayne. Profiterole mountains, confessions of explicit candidness and howls and tears of laughter describes the best night out I have had in yonks. And although I would never host a retreat again, it was a good learning curve for me. I will of course go on lots of retreats held by others becuase I too love to learn, learn and learn. SLURP!

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domestic goddess said...

I had a brill weekend babes, and am saddened to read that you wont be hosting again, need to talk to you about this hun :(
Saturday night was absolutly fabby, and I enjoyed everything and have lots of goodies to be proud off
Rest those feet
anna xoxoxoxox