Ladies Camera Club

27 Nov 2005

Last Crop Today

I dont know if the world is aware yet but Dies to Die for is moving back home. We took this desish because we are moving to Cambridge and have no idea how fast the house could sell (when and if it does - it better though!). So I gave our notice in and by doing so we will be saving a massive £1350 a month and its flamin freezing in there - too big for me to heat. I have to wear ear muffs (see pic, although that pic was taken in my scraproom>>>>>>) and that is sooooooo not a good look this season. BUT!!!! Not everything is gonna fit in our garage so some stuff has to go into storage. Im quite sad in one respect but also excited about starting new fings with Anna Pie.
Took bella out to Frankie and Bennys on saturday night and she sat at the head of the table looking like she owned the joint and bossing mark and I by snapping her fingers and ordering enough coke to dissolve the teeth of a small nation. She invited her friend Chiara and our niece Megan - who between them, ate like rabid dogs and stank the car out with garlic (its the taste of the future you know!). I shall upload the pictures later as the chip is at work (but not for long as we are out of there on Weds).
It was also our last crop today - thanks to Scrappykaren, sonjabuk, 4kidsat147, pauline, joanne ward and kathie for coming. I wanted to cry and I took 4 hours to do one sodding layout!
By the way - Ellie was chuffed to bits with all the wishes you sent her for her birthday. She felt all smug and I thank you ladies for putting a wee cheeky grin on my grown up missies face!


Shell said...

Ya see, I actually want some earmuffs - some pink or aqua fluffy ones!!!!

bookit said...

ahhh...something good is always around the next one door closes and all that!
i'm looking through you layouts and am curious....what die cut machine do you use?

domestic goddess said...

shell get yourself to claires acessories :)
kirsty babes, we will rock ok, i cant wait to get my teeth into Scrapping Angels

Jennie said...

Good luck with all your moves. Lots of big changes in your life, so keep your chin up!

Your little Elleor, certainly looks a little peach, and you made me laugh about Frankie and Benny's and stinking of garlic!!

look said...

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