Ladies Camera Club

15 Nov 2005

Just wanted to add this.............

Front cover title "Kirsty and Jane unlock the brain to Dyan"
Page 1 & 2 - Kirsty and Jane
Page 3 & 4 - Dyan and the plot to steal the brain
Page 5 & 6 - Taking the brain and replacing it with pebbles chalk inks
page 7 & 8 - Splitting the brain - pics of each of us with Dyan

Jane Dean and I share a passion of all things altered - namely because of Dyan at Art from the Heart. I wanted to cheer dear Dyan up last week and got permision from Jane to use some of her photos to make up a collagey story of how both Jane and I steal Dyan's Brilliant brain. I now own 50% of Dyans brains but I still dont feel brilliant. Not even slightly more creative than the norm. Maybe its faulty. Perhaps its not her brains I need - I prolly just need to be Dyan.

Ill upload the pictures in order for you to read for yourself - you can enlarge the pictures by pressing on the blue and orange arrowy thingy when you have clicked on the pictures.
I had immense fun doing this and I believe Tim Holtz had a wee look too - fame at last. That man conned £25 out of me on Sunday (alcohol inks no less). I would love to be a penny behind his bank balance.


bookit said...

love this collage album!!!fun, fun, fun girly!

domestic goddess said...

wow hun this is brill,dyan will love it, i really do hate you now

jane dean said...

You are totally bonkers, I LOVE it. I wondered why I had a headache yesterday! Love the clothes you gave me, thanks for not doing a little short fat person, I look quite hip! It is a work of (loony) art, I'm in awe, maybe I need the bit of brain you had to make this? Jane xxx

Anam said...

wow!!!!! fanastic :) love it - totally cool :)

Clare said...

yummylicious, and very funky :D

Shell giver of Sprouts said...

Fab book hun! Just fab!

Jolene said...

I have seen this, and it is bee-yootiful, totally scrummy. So much work has gone into it, and it is just brilliant :D

Paula said...

It´s so very you. Brilliant concept, cool book.

Cath said...

Praise be to Kirsty!!!!!!


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