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17 Nov 2005

iPod, myPod - turn the damn thing onPod

Can you believe I bought this in May? Mark and I bought a mini iPod each in the US. After two days of landing back in the UK, Mark had all his fave tunes on his blue baby. I took mine out of the box this week. And yes, I had to dust it off. I haven't had a moment spare since those sunny days in Clermont, FA. Boy - I wish I had of opened it earlier. I honestly thought it was going to take an age to upload all my "boingy" tunes - rather like my old MP3. I bought an iRock 2 years ago and lets just say I could only get 30 songs on it in about 2 hours upload time. So after uploading the entire back catalogue of the Manic Street Preachers, various throwback tunes of the 80's and some random 50's NY cafe style jazz - Im fit to pound the treadmills with more gusto. I do have a weird taste in music from a wide genre but thats me - weird.
But fully wired up.
And whats with the Q-tip style earphones - I just can't hack them. If I wanted to have my ear wax gouged out by two rubber nodules every time I go to the Gym, Id take a shovel and do it myself. So selfishly I bought a pair of Koss soft padded ear muff type phones - man, the quality is earth shattering.

Im going to do an Anna now and have a question a day. What's the top 5 tunes that you would put on your iPod? Answers on a Making Memories metal rim tag to the usual.


Anam said...

lucky you :) although how do you do gym aswell as everything else???

my top 5 are here:

debbie said...

ermmm treadmill - whats one of those????

ok top 5 are

kelly clarkson
kelly clarkson
kelly clarkson
kelly clarkson and
kelly clarkson just for good measure

That girl rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kate said...

Ooh, must get Colin to get me one of those so that I can use it on our cross trainer that he's just splurged out on (it'll be a one-minute wonder).

My top five would be:

Wonderful Land - The Shadows
Olivers Army - Elvis Costello
All Along The Watchtower - Jimi Hendrix
Persuasion - Tim Finn
The Ladder Song - Citizen Band

See, I have weird taste too. A top ten would be better, mefinks.

Jolene said...

Cripes, I don't know where to start, but I'll have a go!!

1. Sound of Silence - but off Paul Simon's 'Live Rhymin' album; it's a gospel version, and it is abso-bloomin-lutely fabulous - very atmospheric, totally moving.
2. Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac - I lubs Fleetwod Mac - could have picked any number of theirs.
3. You're The Voice - John Farnham - a stonkingly fantastic tune.
4. Beds Are Burning - Midnight Oil - a rockin' anthem!
5. When Doves Cry - Prince - takes me back...

But ask me again tomorrow, and this selection will have totally changed :D - apparently, I'm getting one of these babies for Christmas!

domestic goddess said...

mmmm toughy thsi but as i have just listened to 6 CD'a today in teh car driving to and from brighton i can actually do this

beautiful; - james blunt
ordinary people - john legend
wonderwall - oasis
anything by alicia keys
fix you - cold play

love the fancy piccie babes
anna x