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25 Nov 2005

Happy Birthday Ellenor (baby bear)

aaaaw my lil peach is 10 today. She is sooo tiny and fragile - the most precious thing in the world. When I say tiny and fragile - I mean tiny. She wears clothes fit for a 5 year old, takes a size 9 shoe and weighs 32lbs (my leg!!) No money, jewels or riches could ever, ever match the love I have for her. 

When I wake her up I will be loading a tray with a vase and a flower, cards, sprinkles of heart sequins and 2 bars of chocolate. Its an annual treat to have crap for breakfast on her birthday (hence annual - duh!!!). She most bummingly has school but we have treats in store for afterwards and I cannot wait to make her feel like a princess. Ill take pics of her and upload the new ones tonight.
Wouldnt we all love to eat junk like this every morning? Role Yoghurt, Minsrels and choc bars.
Ellie (10!) with her cousins. Megan is 8 (in the middle), Dan is 6 and Ellie was not in the mood for photos outside school. It was bright this morning and she doesn't do bright. Told u she was tiny.

Happy Birthday Babycakes, Love Mummy Bear xx
Of course I shall not regale the horror of childbirth - ok, i was in labour for 3 hours and I wasn't too posh to push either. Gas and air didnt work, pethadine knocked me out for an hour so really I was only in pain for 2 hours. Anyone who has ever had more than one child gets my total and utter admiration.


amberjane said...

HAppppy Birthday to you , Happy Birthday tooo you , Happy Birthday Dear Ellie - happy Birthday to youuuuuuu :) Have a lovely day and Kirsty you are a fabby mum :)

Marja said...

Kirsty you totally crack me up. I admire anyone who has gone through childbirth once! I was too posh to push so I adopted a cat.

Happy Birthday to Ellie. Should just call in with a sick day and play all day long :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dear Sweet Ellie

Get spoilt rotten

Hugs and Stuff

Ali, Paul and Levi

Shell said...

Happy Burpday Ellie!!! Make sure your Mum spoils you rotten today!!!!

Roz said...

Happy Birthday to Ellenor. Have a wonderful day.
Lots of love,

Fi said...

what a fab start to a birthday LOL
hope its a scrummy day

Dawn said...

Awww Kirsty you are such a lovely mummy.
Happy birthday to Ellie

Rhomany said...

Happy burthday Ellie :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ellie, make sure your mum spoils you rotten :)


Paula said...

Happy Birthday!

That breakfast was a wonderful way to start the day! Have fun sweetie.

Anam said...

have a fabby birthday :) she is such a dote.

greyparrot said...

Happy briff sweetcheeks. Hope you had the mostest fabulous day ever :)

domestic goddess said...

happy birthday elliepie, watch out for mr postie
anna, izzy and lilly

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely lovely mummy you are, and what a beautiful princess of a daughter you have. Hope you both have a lovely day.

Jackie said...

Have a lovely birthday Ellie, x

Jak x

rudishoes said...

Happy Birthday, beautiful girl *mwah* xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Ellie :) Hope you had a great day :)

Love Suzanne and Ella

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday, Ellie. I hope you've had a lovely birthday weekend. :)


Jo said...

So sorry I missed saying this on your birthday Ellie!! Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day and I wish my Mummy had given me breakfast like yours!!!

Jo xx

urbanhausfrau said...

Aww... she is tiny! Beautiful, and tiny!

My boy is 2 and a half, but he still wears 18 months clothes, sometimes 12 months! Maybe he is going to stay tiny for a while too... I like having a tiny boy. :)

Bless you for trying for two whole hours on just gas and air. :) Me, I didn't touch the stuff until the diamorphine wore off (I had a 61 hour labour, but only 13 of it was actual chew-on-a-towel pain) but I did try it for a while and I couldn't get the hang of it... gimme the needle! Drugs every time, baby... gimme the drugs!

:) Sy. :)