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3 Nov 2005

Forgetful and reminderss

Oh lordy loo laa! Ive been forgetting things all week and then remembering past the moment of due-ness. My brain (yes, I have one) is frazzled but wanna know something? Ive not broken down yet! Im feeling quite smug and knowing and chuffed that I've conquered this weeks challenges and come monday (MY DAY OFF!!!!) I will collapse on the sofa and stuff as much choc down my neck than my stomach can muster.
Im just popping into work to put finishing touches to this weekends retreats prodgies. My fingers are itching and my mind is whirring like crazy with things I have to make and do before the month is out. Im writing it all down so I don't forgetted!!
**CELEB ALERT** I gots an email from the one and only Ms Downey last night and after I had been resucitated from the shock and honour I replied with some conviction that she should come to Bonanza. Who has got £2000 for the honour?


Shell said...

Ms Downey is lovely! She emailed me too!

I love that picture of you Krusty!

Anam said...

am jealous - maybe next ime i'll get to your retreat... as for celebs.. mutter mutter about jealousy...

domestic goddess said...

same here anam, she just showing off,
see you tomorrow hunny

amberjane said...

Wow look at you hang out with the famous too - what are we like LOL I wish I was able to get over for on of your crops too- curse me living in Ireland !!

Cath said...

LOL love the picture gorgeous girly!