Ladies Camera Club

23 Nov 2005

Eyes Wide Open

This is my latest offering which has no gallery to go to!!! Its my Ellie with her eyes wide open. Again I feel I have to remind you that Ellie has photophobia and has always got a hat or dark glasses on. It's so wonderful to get a picture ogf her smiling with her eyes looking so happy and blue!

I love this little girl too, too much.
And I love flowers and they will feature on everything I do becuase they make me happy.


domestic goddess said...

absolutlely bloomin gorgeous hun, a stunning photo of Ellie, your usual talent and smattering of flowers
dont stop uplaoding hunny to galleries

anna x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, upload it (remember you told me to do it!!)

Love it


Anam said...

gorgeous - stunning layout as usual for you :)

Jo said...

Gorgeous!!!!!! Fab photo!:D

Jo xx

Dawn NE Scotty said...

Stunning Kirsty
Lovely to see your Ellie with eyes wide open.
I think thats the only thing I miss about uks the gallery and commenting
Thanks for supporting the banned members

rudishoes said...

Toke-ally gorgeous :) - lovin' that little peach :D

Paula said...

Sweet picture of your lovely child. Great title. How do you handle such delicate flowers?

Marja said...

Kirsty I love the colours you chose and the fabby flowers and the photo is really lovely!