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14 Nov 2005

Cover Girl! and other millions of things...

Ok - it's not exactly "Vogue" but I made front cover of a mag. I had no idea whatsoever until Jo rang me up and told me. I said that I knew I was on the front cover of 12x12 - it was for the "Boing" layout I did of her little girl Anja (It was only a wee snippet on the corner - hardly worth shouting fromt he roof tops). She blurted out - "NO, not that one - A FULL PAGER!".
This mag now has a 5 strong UK Scrappers DT on board now and things are changing big style. You will see stuff from Anna, Jo (Rudishoes), Jakey, Boo and moi. The free papers are going to change with more elements thrown in to maximise use, more articles as opposed to layouts and lots of tried and tested pages. Scrapbites from America, reviews, in depth discussions taking you from the basics to advanced scrapping. Liz is taking great care and larger steps to getting this baby off the ground again and I hope we can help boost its focus and readership.
I went to a local school last Friday to help with the "Duke of Edinburgh" candidates for a 5 week course in crafting. I was chuffed to bits when the DOE teacher came to our offices and aksed for help. He wanted me to provide projects in which to develop their skills and initiative. So we started with card making. The kids are aged between 14 and 16 and they really and I mean REALLY were not that keen to be making cards. The boys were horrified. BUT!!!! I said to them that they didnt have to copy my examples and just go with the flow. BOY!! What a transformation. The girls put a lot of their own ideas into the cards and some of them were stonking!!!! Put me to shame they did. The teachers expressed their profound suprise at being able to turn some of the more roudiest and rebellious out of the kids into believers!!! The girl holding the card came into the class not wanting to start and ended up not wanting to leave. This week we are making CD holders - I cannot wait to see them get stuck in!


amberjane said...

Wow look at that cover --you talented girlie you . I am so regretting not jumping at the chance you offered - SILLY AMBER!!!! You deserve this Kirsty you are such a talent :D

Anonymous said...

Way to go on the cover, even Paul spotted it!! Great with the kids as well

Take care


Anam said...

ooohhh.... how fab is that!?!? well done - you go girlie...

i might have to get a new copy of this magazine to see all the dfferences ( i couldnt deal with the smell of the inks/papers the printers use to print it last time)

Shell said...

ooh that is fab news and layout too! I demand that you come to Wales and scrap with me!! I will have to keep an eye out for the mag now!!

Kate said...

Wow! Great layout, and how fab to get on the front cover. I'm so glad the magazine is heading for major improvement - not to put too fine a point on it, the previous incarnation of it was absolutely pants.

Anonymous said...

Bring a copy to Edinburgerking so we can fall at your feet and worship!!!


Jackie said...

well done kirky! you are so talented and deserve your success

Jak x

Jolene said...

Yee-ha!! Can't wait to see it in the flesh, Kirky :) - am v. v. excited to be part of this team; know I'm gonna love it! Good doing with the DOE stuff as well; I think it's fab that the teacher asked you to go in to school. Sock it to 'em, kiddo!

Miss Sixty said...

Congrats Kirsty - can't wait to have nosey at the new look mag! :)

domestic goddess said...

well done babes, so well deserved, BUT I NEEED my copy NOW!!!!
and look you teacher :)
anan xxxx

Paula said...

That´s brill! I am very happy for you. Thanks for sharing the picture.

Cath said...

WOW, you're a superstar!

Bet the mags just fabby now!


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