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15 Nov 2005

Choosing Christmas Gifts

Oh Lordy of the lordiness. Not only is crimbo like 6 weeks away, ellies 10th birthday is next week. She doesn't know what she wants for either and Im stucked. She did say she would be quite happy to have money but you can't wrap £50 in a nice bow can you? Im actually going to make her a paper bag book and trim it up with spaces for her to fill. But for crimbo - jeeeeeeeeez. Its so hard to decide. I haven't bought a jot - not a sausage of anything. No cards, no extra trimmings (I buy at least 12 baubles extra a year for our tree. At least 3 ornaments go on each branch. My poor tree will not want to come out of the attic this year knowing that its poor branches will be overloaded with red and gold deckalations). Actually I have decided that everyone I know will get sprouts. After all - sprouts are for crimbo and not for life. BLUERGH!


domestic goddess said...

well darlin, i am happy with a craft robo, every 12x12 paper on the market, ribbons galore and your talent!! so easy peasy

and btw i lurve me sprouts :)
anna x

amberjane said...

ROFL about the sprouts - christmas is the ONLY time I eat em - but it is not christmas without them !! LOL

debbie said...

im a sprout fan too kirsty im afraid - kids had pizza for tea and i had a big bowl of sprouts dribbled with melted butter!! yum - will pay for it later though!! mmwwwaahhaaaa

Jolene said...

Yummo on the sprouts from me too - bring it on :D - and I am so lovin' "deckalations"!!!

Charlotty said...

i loooooooooooooooooove sprouts, yummo scrummo mixed up on the plate with gravy and cranberry sauce and a bit of party popper string for good measure, dish delish! Makes me so over excited I need to go off for a razz on my rattan motorbike and do a wheelie and then lie down for a rest.