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1 Nov 2005

Blah blah blah

Man I am soooooooooooooooo tired. Ive been running around doing last minute things, meeting deadlines I could have met a few days ago but left my incessant procrastination trick to leave me fretting for britain. My VAT return is erm, one day late and I could have done that in August (believe it or not) and Im waiting on stuff to complete the projects for our retreat this weekend - which I am soooooooooooo looking forward to. Having my staff off work (sick?) has made me realise a few things this week.

a. Im quite resilient (even though Im not extremely happy about the sitch)
b. Working on my own allows me to burp and swear at my leisure (oh, I do that anyway!!)
c. I can come and go as I please
d and e and f.

Anyway, Belle and I had comfy couch snuggles tonight as I promised us both a whole 2 hours of un-interupted scrumpsh with her. Generally I am about in the house either cleaning, hoovering, washing up (ok only sometimes washing up as we have a dishwasher). I never sit solidily with Ellie for more that an hour as duties dictate otherwise and ok, Im on UKS or doing stuff on the my website from time to time. So two hours was a treat and a half for both of us although she did keep saying when am I going to leave her in peace? Can't flamin win at times huh?

She has been in bed for two hours and Ive been doing up a paper bag book for the retreat and finished off a layout I had started at Anna's. For those that saw it at the crop can I just say - erm, its nothing like you saw it last. I have this weird urge to bung as much on a page as I can and I hate seeing space. The last layout I did had so much space and Im literally itching to get some more stuff on it. So when I upload tomorrow, don't let it come as a shock - it's a Kirsty thing!