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16 Oct 2005

Up and Down

**Sigh**. What goes up must come down. Tonight I landed with a bump so hard that I'm dreading retracing the steps to get back on that glorious height of happiness. Im such a sucker for being drawn into other peoples emotions. I should never forget those immortal words taught to me when I was in the RAF some years ago which as "Behaviour breeds behaviour". I wish I was one of those people who shakes off that kind of stuff and ignore/pretend it never happened. Im not someone who wallows in self pity either - what I DO do is, though, is over analyse situations and try to figure out a solution thinking that it will never work out (cos it often never does) and looking at stuff thinking its actually worse than it is when it isn't. Now if that doesn'ty confuse the hell out of you - I don't know what will.

Love and prima flowers xxx


Cath said...

I think i know what you mean cause i tend to be a bit similar. Things 'get' to be really easily and instead of just brushing them aside i sit and stew about it for days, weeks even, worrying about it and blowing it up out of proportion!

You aren't alone hun

Huggles with lotsa daisies thrown in :)

domestic goddess said...

aww kirsty babes, phone call in order with a sprinkling of angel kisses

loves ya babes


Shell said...

I can be guilty of this too, you're not the only one.