Ladies Camera Club

19 Oct 2005

New Directions

After being heavily influenced this week by the wonder that is "2peas" Im attemtping to alter the direction of my artwork. It may be said that Im lifting everyones ideas but by combining my own style with the black grunge that seems to be affecting every US scrappers style - Im sure I can come up with a Kirsty Wiseman Identity makeover. Im still sticking to over-decorating my pages and will always use the brightest colours available. But I think that due to a massive change in my life, right now a fresh approach to scrapping is called for. ooooo, I could almost pee Im that excited. But I wont cos Im wearing me new kick flare jeans and they is making me look espesh slim and slinks! Love and blossoms...... Kirksx


Cath said...

You do make me smile Kirsty.
DONT change your style, i lubs it!

Shell said...

I can't wait to see what you come up with! I've been trying to change mine aswell, that 2Peas Garden is an inspiring place I tell you!