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16 Oct 2005

My New Guru

Besides Cathy Zielske being like the scrap goddess of all things clean and simple - check out Elsie, the godess of all things flowery. Anna pointed out the similarities of Elsie and I. Ok, I can't scrap as flamin brilliant as her but we do have this urge to flower things up. Those that receive letters or notes from me will know that I doodle flowers over everything. If its not flowers it's hearts and wings (rather like Jay Reavley). I cannot possible go one day without scrawling daises over everything I own (EXCEPT STASH - NO NO NO!!!)
So imagine my lack of suprise to learn that Elsie gave us the new 2peas "Flower it up" font - yay I wubs you Elsie. Perhaps Elsie will never know what joy she has brought to me with her blog - it's influencing new heights to my style and it will be down to her that I owe my future thanks. Inspiration is a beautiful thing.................. thats flower power dudes.


Cath said...

That is so definately you Kirsty!! You are one of the most amazing scrappers i know!

domestic goddess said...

yes kirsty babes you are teh new elsie, you go gf mwahahahah


Shell said...

I too love Elsie! Show me her blog baby, I'd love to read it!

amberjane said...

OOhhh I love Elise, she is a doll and I nearly died when she contacted me over one of my layouts - she is so cool and so are you hun :D