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16 Oct 2005

My escape to the Country and Lil Lilly

This is Lil Lilly - mad as a march hare in boots on the wrong feet and a fairy outfit - this babe is crazy and I need her! Iv'e just got back from Anna's house - putting the world, our businesses and furture enterprises to rights! Anna has a house on the edge of heaven - overlooking farmland and beyond. It filled me with such jealousy!. I wont discuss the flamin nightmare of a journey I had but lets just say that if you are going to Cambridge when roadworks are on and your village is shut off from the year 2000's - get yourself a Star Trek style transporter cos getting in is like trying to gain access to Fort Knox!!!
After countless hugs on arrival, Anna provided me with erm, sustainance in the form of a sausage casserole. I know she put it in the oven at 4 but I arrived at 10 - eeeek. It was delish if not slightly charred! Good job that Izzy had provided me with 5 pringles as a welcome gift (a la santa type offering!).
Then we chatted and looked around her new abode which is enormous. Lady of the Manor springs to mind. The next morning I was greeted with more hugs and kisses from Izzy pie! Lilly was still in bed after almost 14 hours - that cuddly treat was yet to come. Izzy looked like a teenager in comparison to when I saw her last. She looked so grown up in her smart school uniform. Just before she left for school, in zoomed the manicness and delisciousness that is Lilly pie. With hair like a mad professor and a killer toothy smile - I got the child "fix" I needed as I miss Ellie when Im away - to a point of hungry rage.
After Izzy had left for School - Anna and I then pounded our heads and hearts into Scrapping Angels before our trip to 12x12 mag. Let's just say we came to a bit of a halt - we needed further advice in the form of Dyan who in turn will sponsor our first kit - triumph!
After that frazzling brainstorm we tripped out to 12x12 mag to meet Liz. Liz is a great girl with a magazine that just needs a bit of a polish. As Anna and myself are obsessed with scrapping we put forward ideas to help lift the mag with a DT and new features to inspire their current readership. We ain't gonna change the world overnight but we can contribute as freelancers and as scrap loving grunge chicks - kind of spreading the luuuuuuuuuurve! I got a few articles on "Back to Basics" whilst Anna got the coveted fashionista journalista type funky article about scrap bites from the Big A! Plus we formed a DT in about 12 hours flat and we are now armed, locked and loaded for better things to come - we hope!


Cath said...

Good luck with the Scrapping Angels and 12x12 mag Kirsty, although i doubt you'll need it :)
Sounds like you had an awesome time at Anna's. That pic is just delish!

domestic goddess said...

oh wow kirsty thsi has just lifted my spirits reading this and took me back to our fab and creative weekend


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