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22 Oct 2005

More pics from last night

Me and Marky boy taking snaps after a great night out - I wubs his mono brow and lovely lashes - yum, giz a kiss. When I met this scrumpsh bag of masculinity 11 years ago it was not love at first sight. I'd love to be able to wizz off on an exciting story of instant attraction and pure lust infused glances but that would be lying. I met mark at the Forces careers office in Stoke on trent. I was with the RAF working on the recruitment desk and he came though the door and I thought "He looks a bit old to be joining the Forces" (he was 27 at the time). I asked out loud "Do you want the Army, Navy or RAF?". He said "I'm already in the army love, Im the new recruitment sergeant". Ooooops - a segreant no less but he called me "love" in the same breath so I knew I hadn't spoken out of turn.
It took a few weeks before we even had a first chat as he was with the Army and the RAF don't have much to do with them cos basically they are a bunch of grunts. When we did have our first chat I found out he was to be engaged that May and I was going out with a right noodle head and funnily enough, we were getting engaged in the June.
Anyway to cut a very booooooooooooooooring story short he found out that his finace was seeing other men behind his back (she was based in Germany) and Chris dumped me becuase he went back to his old girlfriend. So mark got together on the rebound and I really liked the car he owned so he was the perfect excuse to accessorize!!! Mwahaaaaaahhaaaa

Look at us having a snuggly snug - Im scrapping this picture tonight with some sublime papers. Its rare we have photos taken together. I mainly take all the snaps of Ellie and erm, leaves!!??

Went shopping today for the first time in ages. I bought a cool bag from M&S, some K&Co/BG papers with words all over it (tres cool for this great layout idea I have - I hope I can pull it off!). Bought some edging ink and chalks plus some heart clips. We also went into the Estate Agents to offish put the house on the market - so scarey and yet so exciting!

Plus I've got Jo coming over tonight too (Rudishoes from UKS). We have so much to talk about plus we are scrapping so tonight is gonna be girly fun, scrap and chocolate infused heaven.

Wish I had something brilliant to tell you - but I haven't. Perhaps tell you that I had a layout published in Scrapbook Inspirations. Its my first time in there and I feel quite chuffed becuase it has a great following and the free gifts are just so handy (what free gift isn't?). But you know what I mean. Right - I have to go and watch mark finishing dinner (he is head chef in our house) He has made a mean tomato, pepper and basil soup (I chucked in some sherry and soy sauce to prove that Im not a dumb ass dimwit in the cookery department and he actually thought it was a great idea - duh - I KNOW... IM GREAT!!). Plus we are having Lancashire hot pot sausage casserole with wholegrain mustard mash - so british and so YUM.

Ill write in my blog soon and tell you how much weight I put on from that meal alone! Peace out dudes. Oh!!!! and tell me about your day!


Charlotte of the flaming pants said...

I spent the day doing a scrapcanvas workshop excepty I did splosh on my crackle glaze too thick and it took the whole day to sodding dry so I came home with two plain and wet crackled canvasses, a tummy full of tea, sweets and cake and not much else! Just wanted to say how much I adooooooooooore Depeche Mode too, excellentey blog background music choice.

domestic goddess said...

ooer missy , look at you looking all dolled up, well i am dead jealous that you got jo coming round and are scrapping, as you know i ahve ahd a boring day and watched afterlife, now to finish my lo for 12 x 12

love and hugs to you both
anna xx

Miss Sixty said...

aw you and Mark look so great together Kirsty. Me and my man are a rebound relationship too - we're getting married in March. :)