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26 Oct 2005

Missing Bella Baloo :(

Man I am missing my peachy pie. She is still at mums but goody for me, I get to collect her on Friday. I stay overnight at my Momma bears house then travel to Cambridge on saturday to see Anna, meet my DH Marky poo - go and do "Stuff" and then crop on Sunday. My arms feel so empty without my little darling and I miss those super sweet kisses she gives me. I espesh like the ones when I get a kiss without having to plead for one!
Did another layout tonight using a pic my sis sent me. Its of me, her and our emily. I didnt know what to call it so ive not given it a title. Just gonna upload it as "3 girls on a bench.......". I have gone all flowery puff with it (in 3 none very flowery colours) to match our tops in the picture. I'll upload it in the morning as my pc hates night time uplaods (basically cos it needs rebooting and I dont have a spare 5 hours to do it!).
Didnt have a particularly good day. My one staff told me she wasnt coming in - she had been given 2 weeks sick leave from the doctor for stress (thankfully not work related). It came as a bolt out of the blue so now with a retreat planned for next week plus me having to do her work - I am going to be..... well, I dont know. Lets just say Ive cried about it - purely out of frustration.
Ive another article to complete for Simply cards and papercrafts too with a deadline of 1st Nov. Will somebody please donate me an extra 3 hours in a day - PLEASE??? Ill swap it for a bottle of prima flowers. Night Dudes xxxxx


domestic goddess said...

oh hunny,
i hate to hear you are sad, seeing ellie soon and i cant wait to see you all on saturday, i am gonna cook something spesh, and then fireworks for the girls and us!!

hugs and keep your pecker up


Shell said...

If I could give you an extra 3 hours I would!! Mind you I need them as well!!

Chin up chuck!

Cath said...

OK, STOP IT, STOP IT NOW! These LOs are just far to fabulous and make me want to just stop scrapping cause i feel so inferior! LOL

Hugs to you and hope your girlie is in your arms soon!

Charlotte said...

Have popped 3 hours in the post, hope they get there in time!