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17 Oct 2005

Meet my new baby

After yesterdays (and todays continuation of) shenanigans I went to see about exchanging my car to cheer myself up. I have a Suzuki Liana which is a great set of wheels but it's too big for what I need. I need something compact and sporty if not something a little more practical. So meet my new car!!! Its a Suzuki Ignis sport with recaro bucket seats and spoliers and fat, chunky exhaust pipe that droans like a typical boy racer car. I inspected it tonight and demanded where the stereo was (not one fitted at present). With my new adopted boy racer style I expect I shall have to go and nick one to fit in with de riguer of owning a car of this status. Its the same year as my car with less mileage for only £10 a month more than what Im paying now and I deserve it because - erm, I just do right?
I know its not exactly an MX5 or a Lotus Elat - but its Ellie's and My mode of transportation which will allow us to blast the streets of Wigan with Kelly Clarkson (and the disney collection). All we need is a baseball cap to complete our mosher look! Until next time my ickle flarla's.


domestic goddess said...

and very nice it is too, so when did you make this decision?? i love your little black number.I guess no NEC for you next year ;)


Cath said...

Hope you've got ur furry dice to dangle from the mirror girlie!

Looks very lush, of course you deserve it!