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12 Oct 2005

Mary and Henry VIII

I just lubs my Ellie. We sat and chatted tonight at tea time about school. We discussed the days events and what she thought about certain elements of school. She said she loved doing History. Wow, this is promising Ellie I thought. Ellie despises school with a passion most days. I asked what she had learnt and she said she had been learning about Gods. She talked about Hindus, Mary and Henry with lots of wives. I said "Surely you are mixing Gods with Kings and Queens Ellie". "No, Henry was boss of his wives and god is a boss. So bosses are gods". Oh Ellie! Thats must make both Mark and I gods - Im going to see if I can turn water into wine in the morning (noon and night!!)
I packed her off to bed with a snuggle and huggle and tried to finish a paperbag book before I trot off to Anna's house to discuss some Angelic divination. Then I remembered that I had missed last weeks "Lost" and wanted to watch the next episode too. Thats my TV quota for the week - 2 hours!!! Seriously!!. Other than that I don't watch any TV at all - nuffin, nada, zero, zilch - ah ah ahhhhhhhh!. Now Im sat here bereft of any inspiration, a paperbag book to finish, stuff to pack for Anna's house and six chins resting on my chest - I NEED SLEEP!. Peace out dudes.


domestic goddess said...

oh wow kirsty what a special night you had, i loev talking about school with izzy , she always comes out with such magical knowledge, they amaze us every day dont they?What a gorg photo as well hun, loving that piccie, right go and pack your bloomers and get your scrawny ass over here, mwahahahaha


Jackie said...

aww how sweet, Ellie is such a munchie!

Btw, broomstick is still for rental if you want it LOL

Jak x