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9 Oct 2005

Its a Crop!

This is the layout I did today - Its taken in pooey light, Im seriously having fall outs with my fuji 5500. To get a better view - click the picture to enlarge.

Had a crop today - lots of UK's girls came along to crop, whine, moan, have fun, tell mucky jokes, crop, eat, drink copious cups of caffeine infused beverages! Tune in later as I divulge the days events.

My cropees were Kathie, Sonjabuk, 4kidsat147 amd pauline. Nice and cosy ma-wosy. Kathie arrived first and we had a wee chat about our beautiful Ellenors/Eleanors!!. I wubs kathie - she is a big softy like me. We chugged tea until the other girls came. I actually had intentions of finishing off a paperbag book and start a layout. But the layout called to me first as the papers are absolute flaming super brillianto. Then Sonja turns up with Becky and Pauline - in fine scrapping form with ....... a box of milk tray and some flowers for ME!!!!!! I was blown away. this was in light of yesterdays incident about my poor Ellie and me being the wuss head that I am. I am blessed to know such beautiful and caring people - im filling up now.

Sonja and Becky are scraptroopers and I had to hold back as I am a jedi cropper. They had done almost every class and showed me their work - awesome is all I can say. Sonja managed to do 3 super colours co-ordinated layouts again in 4 hours, whilst I faffed, Kathie did 2 little stunners, pauline was titivating and die cutting and I think Becky did one - but it was rather scrumptiously basic grey. I almost finished a layout in between scoffing bourbon creams and cuzzy creams. We did have a jolly time. Mark and Ellie joined us for part of the day and Ellie felt important being part of the crop albeit her playing game boy and surfing cbeebies.

I think everyone left happy - I had to leave in a rush as mark had made my tea. We had a pork roast and it was absolute heaven on a plate. He wubs me that man and I wubs him for taking juicy fat care of me. I have to finish off various prodgies tonight so I'll sign off here and wander various blogs to see if anyone had just as good a day as moi.


Jackie said...

ill be tuning in then cos Im stuck in doing CJ's again!

Have a fab day hun, hope youre feeling brighter today.....**hugs**

Sally said...

Sounds like you had a totally fab day. Love the blog, Kirsty.

domestic goddess said...

great Lo babes, love the look on Ellies face, glad you are cheerier today hun, oh and can i ahve anew song for tomorrow morning, pleeeease


Shell said...

Great Layout, may have to lift that!