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10 Oct 2005

It's all Go!

Flamin nora - Mondays are just pure adrenaline and trail blazes. Kath and I have been running around like blue botty flies - scoffing Milk Tray chocs all day long and now we feel ILL! I have trillions of orders to keep us busy but I am also trying to get organised for tonight's open evening. Ive make and takes to plan, the layout of the room to plan, filters for the coffee machine to buy, cards to make for practical publishing (rubber stamping of all things - YURKS!), my toothache to ignore, Ellie to pick up from school (Mcdonalds for tea hun - I know you will love me for it!). Why do I procrastinate over these things. I could have been organised on Friday but Nooooooo. Tee hee, I am my own crown of thorns at times.

Then I have 4 paperbag prodgies to finish and blurb to accompany them with for Craft Essentials mag. Its taken me an age to do just one. One is already done (using the one I did for my Dads 60th), one that Anna made me and one that I can chuck together as I have the papers and plan in my head.

Spoke to Dyan at Art from the Heart. Her Blonde Moments papers are being done in a different set of colours and is terribly excited about everything (me? I can't flippin wait - she is earmarking me for the new set in the first run - YAY - wubs wubs wubs). As you can tell we wubs Dyan here - so flamin talented and has the best shop in the world. I think Im gonna make her a little pick-me-up prezzy (its a good job she doesnt use computers and read blogs otherwise Ill have just spoilt it for her). If you ever get the chance to go to her studio - do go. It smells of toffee and is crammed with so much altered and grungie art - HEAVEN! She also gives me a kick up the rectum when Im being pathetically weak about this and that - thanks Dyan!

Spoke to Anna as well today about a little venture she is brewing in her cauldron. This better work hun otherwise its crumbs and gutter water for the rest of our lives. Can we truly transform the future in scrapbooking - who knows and to be quite truthful - who gives a plop? But I do and dreams do come true and we both believe in fairies and magic and sparkly wee scrummy leprachauns that guide us through the imaginary world that is Scrapping Angels.

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Cath said...

Good luck with whatever you're doing Kirsty!
I seriously don't know where you find the time to do everything? Have you produced a clone?