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12 Oct 2005

Gloom and Doom!

Have you seen how dark it is outside today? Its 0915 and i've got lights on in the house. Brrrrrrr - I hate the darn British weather. It must be winter cos I haven't experienced those wacky days of Autumn yet although the leaves are turning and I should be out there taking snaps of those rich colours in the trees. But not in the flippin dark!

Its days like these where I just wanna be tucked up drinking lucozade and watching This Morning tv. Instead I have to venture up to work and mull around waiting for the sun to rear its head. We have lots to be getting on with but something has come up over the last few days which is going to change the way Dies to Die for and Bella Baloo is run. Stay tuned - if you can stay awake.

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