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17 Oct 2005

Eeeeeeks!! We are on the web!

Here we are - Anna and I at Scrapping Angels
Ok, we don't go live til January so you will have to wait for the juice in your favourite scrapping media but lets just say we aim to please! Think scrapping but more - with grunge and funk and flowers and dizzy loo laa. Think patterned papers but with boosted add ons and techniques you thought only scrap geniuses could master (I kidnapped them all and brainwashed them, sucked all their scrapping knowledge up through a drinking straw and into an empty jar of prima flowers!)
Come and make some enquiries at our website and get a free email signed by me!!! Mwahahahahahahahahaha. Lots of sparkly daisy dust ......Kx


DAWn NE Scotlnd said...

Good Luck to your new Venture Kirsty & Anna.
Great idea you both teaming up.
I love reading your blog Kirsty have such a laugh the things you say.

Cath said...


Jackie said...

yea good luck, its all so exciting cant wait to hear more.

Jak x

The Reverend Jon Boles said...

Just wanted to say thanks for the kind words on my blog, it is very much appreciated.

Your blog is also quite a read; the illustrations make it much more palatable and enjoyable than mine, where the usual feedback I get is "I hope God takes away your keyboard."

Good luck to you in your venture.

Sally said...

wow. sounds really cool. can't wait till your site is up and running. Good Luck to you both.

amberjane said...

Sounds way too cool Kirsty - I am so intrigued !!

Shell said...

Good luck on your venture both!!!

I have sent you an email in order to get my email signed by you!!

Dawn NE Scotlnd said...

One idea for you both.
I know no other UK kitter does does this but Classes in your kits.
Like Cybercrop class kits.
a coupld of classes for people to try with their kits.
I think they would sell like hot cakes.
YOu are both talented ladies and I have mot od your pages in my faves.