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16 Oct 2005

Doll Graveyard

Aside from the business sides of things - the best thing about my trip to Cambridge was Anna's girls. I espesh love little girls more because I have one and I've grown up with predominently little baby girls being born into the family so you can imagine when I had a girl of my own - well, lets just say I wept buckets.
As my little girl is not your typical little pink, fluff and barbie doll loving lady, you can imagine my comlpete and utter suprise when Anna showed me my guest room (Orange Angry Child's room - Anna will require me to add that its a room to yet to be decorated!) Not only was I met with a Tango spank I was also met with Barbie graveyard. Ive never experienced discarded dollies in such a "disgruntled mum" fashion. This poor 99p dolly had been tossed away by Anna because she had one boot missing and had been dacapitated by Killer Lil! I believe from the mutterings from Izzy that also her right bosom had been caved in too - therefore making her size 4 figure less curvy shall we say. There was so much hilarity I had to snap Doll Graveyard.
Im going to miss the outrageous fashion from Lilly, the hugs and kisses from Izzy and the craziness that forms the Bowkis Family. Can I hear Cambridge calling??!!! Mwahahahahahahahaha


Cath said...

PMSL here! Thats a great picture!

domestic goddess said...

PMSL and more, oh kirsty you sure bring the humour into my hectic life, i need your blog of a morning to keep me sane