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21 Oct 2005

Dinner date....... WOOHOO

Jesus, don't have a heart attack or anything but guess what? I'm going out! Really and properly out for a, like, real meal with posh clothes, killer undies and my hubs!!!!! As lady E has departed to grannies for a week on half term hols its time to swing from the chandeliers, jump from the wardrobe and run around the house in the complete stark raving nip! And then I remember the wobbly rolls I have tucked inside my girdle so its erm - not true. Well the meal bit is but you never know cos after, like, 2 sniffs of lager Im anyones. After three sniffs Im everyones!!! Mwahahahahahaha.
We are off to a really posh bit of tot called "The Owls" in Standish. Mark is chauffering me up there to discuss our new plans, get tipsy (well me is cos he is driving (me mad!!)). Mark is feeling quite rich becuase we had our house valued yesterday. Two years ago it cost £108,000. The market value today is £184,000. Hell fire!!! Toadally suprised and even more interesting in upping our choice of houses at our new location location location! I swear we only have a 3 bedroomed semi and for the same price in our new location we can get a 4 bed detached with an uncatree (Lady E's word for a conservatory). We feel suddenly rich and powerful but you know what? I couldnt care if we didnt have a bean cos we is family and for that Im grateful.
Im taking me cam-ay-rouge with me to snap the events of our night out - I shall share with you laterz. Love and snot .... Kirksxx
Ok - here they are......
I took pics of my posh shoes (2nd time ive ever worn them and i got them in Jun - I think) And I painted me nails which is like - soooooooooo unlike me these days. Don't ask me why I took pics of me feet. Perhaps cos Im such a dizzy scrapper these days - I even take pictures of dust - I then scrap it and then when I flick through my albums a year later i think - GOD!!! I knew I had to do something, I need to clean!!
This is a pic of my make up. I normally wear mazzy, eyeliner and gloss for everyday but this time (cos it's a night out) I splurged on concealer (cos I have 2 massive and I mean MASSIVE spots on my chin). Im a MAC girl. Its the only branded item that i simply must have. I dont use posh moisturiser or expensive hair products. I love mac as its long lasting and hard wearing and of course its has funky chunky lippies. Just why am I taking pics of my makky-de-up?
More pics tommorrow!


Anonymous said...

Hope you had a wonderful time.

Have a great weekend



domestic goddess said...

Oh wow missy look at you, so glad you and the old man went out for some nosh, what did you go for in the end? a big mac or chicken burger? mwahahahahahaha, only kidding!
Love the toe nails and you all tarted up, neeed to see this.
So then babes, we neeed to hear more

anna xxxx