Ladies Camera Club

20 Oct 2005

Collage Crazy

Ok - I blame 2 peas for inspiring me to just slap it all on a page. With collage being my favourite thing when I was younger I didnt think id ever need to do it again until now. And those choking reigns that used to be "neat edges and matching embellishments" have gone right out of the window. Ive been sticking to the rules and now they is gone forever. Thanks to Elsie of course, her inspiration has mopped up the cobwebs of my inner sanctum and released those underlying chasms of "create juice" into this baby! Im loving this. I will be able to pour all my stahs on one page and get to see it all at once! (I hear my bank balance screaming "noooooooooooooooooooooo". Like, get over it bank. I only used fragments of chatterbox papers too. I even wrote on note paper (obv not lignin free so god knows what state this will be in in 300 years).


domestic goddess said...

its gorgeous babes, and very the new you ;),absolutley loving that font, i wnat to get my inky fingers on that!! please tell me where i can get it
anna xx

Cath said...

WOW WOW WOW! What more can i say??!!!!
You rock lady!
(Oh and i've updated me blogs lol)

Shell said...

Fabby, totally fabby! This is so the thing I want to do but can't find the right photo for (or the courage).

Cath's right - you rock!

Miss Sixty said...

I really love it. It's in my UKS faves, totally fab, hunny :)


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