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31 Oct 2005

busy weekend of serendipity fings

Wow - how many miles have I driven this weekend? Drove from Wigan to Bridlington and then stayed over at mums to collect my baby. Drove from Bridlington to Cambridge on saturday to go house hunting and found one and then stayed at Annas and then went cropping and had fun meeting my fave celeb scrappers ever plus other girls I know and lub. Then I drove from Camb to Wigan - my backside is numb I can tell you.
Totally had a fabbolish time at Annas with mark and my babycakes and now Im sat here with 2 deadlines looming, still no staff and a retreat and HALLOWEEN. I promise myself to have a nervous breakdown when Ive finished having fun!!
Uploaded this layout on Friday and was blown away with the response. I made a spelling mistake and couldt bare to rip it all up so I corrected it in pen and allowed for human error. Im sure my great, great, great grandchildren will love how dumb I am at times!!! I did write it at 01.15 in the morning so please forgive me.


Ams said...

oooh doncha just hate it when you make a mistake... it drives me nuts!
and yes i'm sure your great great grandchildren will forgive you!!
*hugs* Ams xx

Kate said...

Kirsty, I'd come and help at your retreat if I could, but I can't - I know that's no use to you whatsoever, but still!


Shell said...

My favourite part of the layout was your mistake!

It's fabby! Another one to scraplift!!