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11 Oct 2005

Burned out

Girls - Im all burned out - the wicks a cinder and the wax has evaporated. Im taking the DAY OFF!!!! Im going home and I am going to do absolutely naff, chuff, zero, nada - NUFFIN. Im going to empty my head and put things down on paper - which I don't do. My head is bursting at the seams with lots of loose ends to tie up, new ventures to suss out and re-think my future. Im waiting for stash to arrive from Scrap Magic (Mara Mi papers for me to lick and never ever use!) plus Ive a bookazine arriving today with my work in it and Im going to be completely self absorbed in taking it all in - along with the like of Katie Shannahan-Jones and Jennie Findlay. Im not smug about it. I just need to - erm, I dunno - ENJOY!!! Ill log back on tonight and show you a few pics from it........

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domestic goddess said...

iw as going to ask you about the bookezine, how exciting neeeed piccies as soon as you wake up !!

Rest hun , us angels need to keep our wings looking pristine ;)