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11 Oct 2005

Been thinkin.....

I have had a day to cogitate and mull over fragments of my life that complete that big picture we all love to hate - ME!!! Mwahahahaha. Do you know what solution I came to? No, neither do I. All I know is that I am just off to get Lady E from school and take her to any shop she wants, to buy anything she wants because she has been so patient with me recently. Sometimes i dont think the snuggles we have are enough and Im going against the "tuts" and the "mmmmmmm's" and damn those who are judgmental - we are going shopping (and no stash will be involved in any purchases). Then I think we will eat junk again and sing weird songs on the way home - even if they are disney numbers!
**Picked Ellie up from school and she doesn't want to go shopping - I swear she is not a child of mine!!! She has actually gone for a nap and Im itching to go and get the new Kelly Clarkson CD. Poo. Ill sing weird songs in my head then instead!

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Dawn NE Scotlndb said...

Aww Kirsty funny singing in your head.
Hope wee Ellie wants to go shopping soon.