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8 Oct 2005

14th Blog - Its grim up norf

I opened my curtains this morning full of glee and zest for life until I saw the gloom and fog before me. Why does the weather affect me so? I shut them as quick as I opened them and thought that an another half an hour's snooze would cure the gloomdomness. But as Mark is nursing a slight red wine overdose from last nights social gathering I took pity on him and bobbed downstairs to get him a pint of water, a cup of tea and a toasted tea cake. I felt all wifey and important doing this task as generally he is the one caring for me. Mark is an absolute gem of a freind. He does the washing and ironing and makes most of our meals. Although we only see him at weekends (he is in the army and commutes from wiltshire every friday) you would think Id be doing all the running around. I feel rotten at times as his energy and commitment knows no bounds and for that I adore him. We do have our moments though but I sit back and take it all in and wonder if its all my fault at times. Perhaps im taking on too much at work...

Running your own business sounds like fun and it can be but it does take over your life. That along with caring for Ellie, scrapping, magazine work and even book work plus the rigours of keeping the house in order - it does take the fun away of the moments of wild abandon such as going to the pictures or a ride out in the car. I weigh those improvised scales and try to balance work and fun. Work tips the scales everytime and Im begining to analyse this in too much detail. I sound like a depressant don't I? Im not - just trying to find that happy medium we all strive for. Can you buy these happy mediums? Not like a jovial person who talks to ghosts. No No. That wonderful feeling of knowing everything is in order, running smoothly - taking a rare chance to go and smell the roses. Inhale its perfume and pretend that everything is bloody marvellous. And then I wake up!

Im off to work today. Ive the retreat to prepare for. Mark and I are going to do the little stock room out downstairs at work. We want to turn this into a lounge diner for our guests. A lick of paint, a few shelves, tables and chairs will soon have it being transformed into a retreat in itself. Im starting to get a little scared about the retreat. I need it to be perfect for the girls who are all UK scrappers. Of course every detail will be of optimum importance and the pressure of feeling a faliure could well be splattered across the boards if it doesnt go to plan. Anna is sponsoring us with Junkitz papers for the paperbag books. Through Anna, stix 2 glues are sponsoring us as well as a visit from Michelle Grant at Pract Pub who is going to run a feature on our retreat. Ive star books to prepare, bella baloo file folder books, slide mount key rings, noodle boxes to alter, cd envelopes. I need to plan papers and cardstock and accessories plus the food needs to be planned (mark is head chef thank the lord of lords who invented superby husbandy chefs!).

Shit - just had a call from sister in law. Megan (our niece) has visitors in her hair. Damn - if Ellie has got them then thats a flaming day long task in itself. Ellie has the most stunningly curly hair that won't get along with those tricky combs. Lotions make her ill and the only way to delouse Ellie is for my scrapping fingers to get in there and kill the little bleeders myself. Im off to go check - Ill be back in a tick to let you all k now if Ellie has nits (will she forgive me for posting this??!!!) **** Alas - no little critters for me to murder and scrape on kitchen roll this week.

Right Ive gotta go - motivation is severely lacking as its cold and crappy outside. Perhaps the reward of going to see the new wallace and gromit movie may be the dangling carrot I need but then again a warm and cosy bed surrounded by naked fireman and endless boxes of turkish delight may also be that motivational shove to get my rear end into gear!


domestic goddess said...

hi babes
your retreat is gonna be a ball, so dont fret ok?!
its been lovely weather here in cambs, glads to hear taht ellie is nit free, xoxox and any fireman?!

cyber sis xxx

Shell said...

Have you tried using Tea Tree shampoo - visitors don't like it!

Ginger said...

The retreat will be marvellous Kirsty - please don't worry. I promise to behave myself.