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7 Oct 2005

13th Blog - unlucky?

I hate my business banking people. The Bank of Scotland are a bunch of tossing toss pots from the planet of Toss a lot! They truly make me want to heave. To cut a very long story short I accused them of mucking up with my direct debits. As I am incredibly wealthy and rich and powerful (I think, well erm, actually at least I am in credit at the end of the month but hardly in the billions) I always have money to pay my bills. For some reason my payment to an adertising agency in Jun and Jul were never paid. So comes the 7th October and the ad agency wants to know where it is. "FFS - I set up DD's so that things get paid. You should have it and shut up you sarky cow". But no - this smug like cashier said they were rejected. So offs I go to ring Wank of Scotland and demand they tell me why they are such toss pots. Infact it was the ad agency who returned the payments - the payments actually went through. Then I rings the ad agency where smug girl was about to get de-smugged and pissed off - so much that I want to destroy her friday night of anything happy. Im not generally a bitch but nobody accuses me of not paying - ever. Then after I had told her she was as useless as the wank of scotland and had her offering me a free months advertising, I got onto what I did for a living and then on to scrapbooking. FARK!!! I wish I could be completely hard faced from start to finish of a conversation but my aquarius natures disallows me to be a complete bitch 24/7. Scrapping wins the day! I did not ring the wank of scotland back up and apologise for accusing them of misperforming this time. Purely becuase at the end of the day they are still tossers. End of.

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domestic goddess said...

oo er missy so it was the advertisers fault! so then whaddya scrap? off to check out that other forum ;) to see if you ahve uplaoded, and btw are you cyber cropping?

hugs babes