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4 Oct 2005

11th blog entry - its boring so dont even bother reading it

Oh Crap! I spent one hour going over why I have moved back to here (basically the scrap blog was babba) but the connection timed out and I lost it all. So all Im going to do is bullet the plop I have encountered since last time I was on here.
  • Did the harrogate show and made more paper bag books than somebody who has made lots of paper bag books.
  • Received the first batch of Blonde Moments paper and was the first person to get them published (for commerical purposes of course!!)
  • Featured work in TSBM with 4 more pieces of work in the next 2 issues
  • Featured in Quick Cards made easy - including a piccy of me so I am now famous and up my own rectum - dont ask but I am so not anal.
  • Featured in 12x12 maggo
  • 10 of my cards in The Complete Card Making handbook - is cardmaking a comeback in my scraproom one wonders?
  • 2 works about to feature in Scrap Insp
  • 1 piece of work in craft essensh
  • 1 written article about pbb in craft essential due next month

Hub is wondering when he can put me in the readers wives column of some slightly less creative magazine. My reply to that is - youre sleeping in the shed - FOREVER. You keep your barrack room shenanigans at camp darling - ain't no room for sergeant major nasty pants here. mwahahahahahahaha.

Came home tonight to find a layout waiting on my doorstep from Anita MacDonald. My ellie and I are overjoyed at such stirling work so I have put it up on the gallery for everyone to think that I did it (I wish I could get away with it!)

Thats it - poo ploppy stinky nothingness for the last two weeks and all I have got to show for it is my head up my own rear end (according to reports from the dark side).

I'll be back in 2 days with more inane dribble to report with. until then - stay bored.

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domestic goddess said...

OOO LOOK AT YOU MISSY, cant open a mag without seeing your oh so talented work every where,at a bloomin well last is all I can say to that.
Great to see you blogging again babes, keep it up