Ladies Camera Club

15 Sep 2005

9th blog - ba 'eck - it's cold today

Do you know - I totally relate to the saying "It would freeze the balls off a brass monkey". Its like flamin winter outside today. I woke up this morning to rain and thought - aaaaah, it will burn off so I put on a short sleeved blouse and skirt. Did I look a pratt in the playground. Mums were coming into school with winter woolies on and 2 kids ahd bobble hats on. Im still wearing me summeries now. Im too tight to put the heating on (only cos Ill get comfy with it and leave it on til next March).
Finished off a layout for Scrapbook Inspirations tonight - sending to Cheryl for approval before posting for publication. I do like their magazine - you get fantastic freebies if anything!!! Waiting for 12x12 to get back to me about more work - I think they are after a step by step prodge and I have just the very thing. relatively simple but overall the finished effects can be awesome (well, I would say that but Im not going to submit plop am I?)
Went into school for a meeting about my little Ellie. They are getting her a laptop to wizz between numeracy and literacy with (she has two teachers in year 5 and 3 classes to flit between!!!) Those that don't know - Ellie has a crippling muscle condition which means her grip and fine motor skills are shot. So in order to keep up with the curriculum she types - and properly too. None of this two finger jobby neither. What she lacks educationally she makes up for in effort. I know I sound llike Im making excuses but she really is a little fighter. The teachers clearly adore her - thankfully, otherwise they'd get a knuckle butty and an offer of a scrap after lunch time!!!!
Work is good. lots of packing for the Harrogate show. Have bought in 1250 paper bags in anticipation of a PBB frenzy. Bella Baloo is now cut in bazzill so it should be a show stealer plus we have the CD Envelopes, bargain card packs, die cuts and some other scrummily divine tid bits for craft thirsty crafters.
Im off to take Belle to brownies - thats an hour and a half of scrapping time and feelings of no guilt into the bargain. Now the thing is ..... what to scrap?