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14 Sep 2005

8th blog and you are still reading?

Wow - everyday prior to my blogging something fabulous happened. Now I have the chance to yell stuff from the roof tops and there is zero, zilch, nader, nil pwah (again) to report on.

Wouldn't it be just fabbo if I was some scrap guru, an uber babe of an artist or an elite crack commander of an SAS team. Surely it would be worthy of more than the 2 comments i get at the moment. But no. You are stuck with boring licky loring chicky choring Kirsty Wiseman who has just got off the phone to Sainburys bank whom are demanding money becuase my loan hasnt been paid. MMMMMMM!! Since when? Found out that they had cancelled my loan in favour of the new loan the offered me at the beginning of august for £7,000 which I didnt sign for but took it upon themselves to cancel my existing loan into the bargain. As you can imadge, one is not best pleased. I said to them - knowing that all calls are recorded - to sort themselves out, stop luring people into further debt by offering loans they can ill afford and to shove it where the sun doesnt shine. I think they got the picture. One is now angling for one million pounds compensation as the 5 minutes of stress they put me through has almost given me the urge to burn my stash our of anger.

Im scrapping tonight - I have a prodge for a mag. Im using a picture of Anna and her hub but Im having diff removing the red eye from their picture. Im so uneasy that Ive cheated and turned the picture black and white just becuase I cant fathom fixing red eyes! So look out for it in a mag in December I think. Ive also got an altered item plus 2 further layouts going in the Scrap Book Mag, a layout in Craft Essentials, one in Scrapbook Insp, another in 12x12 plus 10 cards in a new title coming out in October. Oooooh and check us out in Quick Cards Made Easy. They have run a feature on Dies to Die for. Suddenly feel all humble and famous. However, no swell heads here. Just happy to share me bit of new with you xxxxx


domestic goddess said...

oo look at you missy, got a piccie on your profile, and what a babe you are.
So you are in all the mags at the moment, and a feature on dies to die for!! You do keep it all very quiet dont you?!
I wanna copy of this article all about you as well.
Wish I was as popular as you, you are doing bloomin well hun, so, so proud. :)

Love and hugs
moi,cyber sis, domestic countryside goddess xxxx

Jackie said...

blimey! thats gonna cost me a fortune then stocking up on the mags!

Well done tho hun, brill news.

Jak x