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13 Sep 2005

7th blog entry .. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Whats has happened since my last entry - erm - Nil pwah, thats what. Well asides from snuggling up to belle last night and a cosy snug this morning before school. I have shed loads of work to do but Im a persistent procrastinator and the weight of the world on my shoulders (and thats not from the support bra neither - mwahahahahhahaha). Oh I remember now I made 12 cards for the stand an Ive made our altered CD envelopes into somthing of a bit of a brilliant book. Need to market these more effectively as these will be the new "paper bag books" and of course the new black/brown - whatever.
Im having trouble desiging the outlay of my stand. Last year was murder for peeps getting in and out plus we have the fabbo new stand to show off our display techniques - I fear for the hoards of visitors who will beeline our stall as they will be dying to meet Debs and Suzanne (mum0f4boys and fruitsuet!). Mum is helping me on the sunday and although her style is a little - erm, twee shall we say, she is a great demonstrator becuase of her yorkshire way!
Im off to go and pack yet more flaming card blanks - stay tuned and see what other pile of shite I manage to do before the day is out. Just having a coffee whilst I browse Annas blog and yup, a sneak peek on UKS might be called for as well!


domestic goddess said...

you have been a busy bee havnt you hun, so wheres this cd book? i wanna see!
Glad to hear you have some help at the weekend for harrogate, really sorry i couldnt help out babes.

cyber sis xx

Jackie said...

loving the new cd case mini books kirsty. Jak

PS. Ill be a member of your blog fan club, you always make me smile with your posts on UKS x