Ladies Camera Club

12 Sep 2005

6th blog entry - are you keeping up?

Hello my 3 fans! Well what can I say about today - its beautiful, I've been to' bank to negotiate moving from the Wank of Scotland to HSBC - whom Ive personally banked with for 23 years. The petrol station next to us has cars backed up half way down the road with an impending fuel strike. Ive got half a tank of fuel and I think Im gonna have to fill up as I can't be bothered walking the half mile to work!!!! Kidding witchya.
Workwise, we have had stacks of orders - the world has gone paper bag crazy. I must admit I find this bag book idea a bit of a brilliant find becuase they are inexpensive to make up and feel lovely. Ive got paperwork to do tonight so no UKS surfing - sad sad sad.
Rang Anna to have a moan about life and a little weep over Ellie who - shall we say, is turning into a young woman. I dont want her to grow up - much rather like you never want a kitten to become a cat.