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11 Sep 2005

5th blog......

Ok ok ok - Ive been busy doing LO's all week. I have to fit it all in as my paperwork is suffering. Im cramming as much pleasure as I can before the pressure of number crunching and planning comes to the forefront. This is DT layout number 2. This is a new style for me - purely becuase the cardstock is a pale magnolia and there are blank areas which Im just need to fill even though Ive been advised not to. I hate having this dire need to fill every gap. Still, Im pleased with the results as I was desperate to scrap Emily.
I also managed to get one done of Ellie. Let me tell you - this was a killer. Hand written journalling seems to magically be the new Brown (see yesterdays post for reference). My writing is pants but I think it will be appreciated down the line as most of us use computer fontsthese days which - ok, leaves a pretty formatted and uniformed appearance. I just hope my ancestors to be enjoy it as much as I hate doing it - IYKWIM!!!
I was 3 sheets to the wind doing this particular layout - Im suprised my writing is legible. I only had 3 beers and I was replying with some inane quotes on UKS! I hope they forgive me. Anyway, I gotta sign off now and get some Bella Baloo packing done in time for the Harrogate show. Ellie has her cousin Megan playing outside in the princess castle tent. I can
hear them giggling away. Might have to go armed with me camera. This is where I over hear Ellie saying she is thinking of leaving home becuase her mum is a complete nut job. She is only 9 but it may really happen soon!

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