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10 Sep 2005

3rd blog entry - wow this is an addiction

I was chatting to a dear old friend of mine tonight and he said that this picture is like - so 80's. I wish I could see his dilemma but all i see is my tefal head and a severe lack of harmony hairspray. Possibly a slight touch of overplucking on the old eyebrows.
But enough about him, just what am I doing up so early typing about slap heads and an era pertaining to Wham, the puffball skirt and Princess Diana? The answer is that I can't sleep. I need to scrap but my titling machine is at work and before i start any layout I need all the products I wil be using to hand. Call me old fashioned - nay, a traditionalist but thats the way I scrap. A winning formula perhaps or just plain poppycock.
Anyway, I've 2 junkitz layouts to do, a Scrapbook Inspirations layout and a layout about Ellie using the most evocative colours I've ever dared use. I was also contacted today from a lady who is writing 12 scrap books and she has asked me to be part of her 10 strong design team. Well blow me down with a feather, cor blimey gavvner. Naturally I said I would think about it, I mean - come on. One has to think about the potential that is Wanna_Scrap? They say that you are only as good as your last layout. What if my last layout was pants? Not like - real pants with embellishments on it. But that does call for an altered object of total uniqueness huh?


afp763389 said...

... :)

domestic goddess said...

wow kirsty babes, what a few days, well done on the BG gallery and bloomin well deserved, and to the DT fro the books well, I am not gobsmaked, I am so proud and delighted for you hun,this is what you deserve.
I just hope I get a signed copy when they come out , mwaahahaha
, i am off to gaze in awe at yor work and get inspired
the only country goddess in the village

Dawn NE Scotlnd said...

Aww Kirsty you are hilarious and cheekbones to die for.
Well done one being in a book.