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9 Sep 2005

2nd Blog Entry

Well well well! Look at me - blogging away. How do I manage to fit being a mother, a wife, a business woman, a scrapper and a complete blog whore in one? The icing on the cake would be if my flat screen was 12x12 - then i could do a layout on my blog page and make it worthy of another Basic Grey gallery winner. Thats my news this week - finally being recognised across the water by the very brilliant Basic Grey.
Anyway, other scrapping news. Ive tidied my scrap room and its befitting the standard one would expect of a midget in a pot hole. I can barely swing amoeba round in here let alone a cat. Im truly organised but not to the extent of putting my papers in colour order. Ok, I have put my papers in colour order but am now thinking of putting them in manufacturer order. Then I might put them in style order - like spots, stripes, floral, crappy papers from yesteryear like my pooey Hot off the Press numbers that i used for Anna's layout which infact turned out to be nice but still.
My own personal news is that work is on the up. Christmas is looming and the harrogate show is almost upon us. My super coolio father-in-law has built me a fabbo display stand and I will truly look profesh instead of a ploppy stall holder with a set of Ikea shelves and a plastic bin to put one packet of card blanks in and a small punch. Also Mark has told me to stop saying "Don't be soo ree-dick" (ridiculous). My friend Jo told me to reply to him "Don't be so ree-dick". I wet myself so hard that I went through 12 packs of tena ladies and a bout of cystisis in the process.
Anyone for Ocean Spray?


joanna said...

Hello my loverrrrr :) - are you taking my name in vain, Kirsty-woo? How many packets of Tena? We should get them to sponsor our new venture *shhhhh*

By the way, tell Mark not to be so ree-dick...

domestic goddess said...

tell tell tell jo darling, whats the new venture, and the connection with the tena lady, i am intrigued ;)