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5 Sep 2005

1st Blog Entry - wow - this is gonna be monumental

Or not. Ive never done a blog thing. A blog to me sounds like a blag. A blag is the art of obtaining something for free by bulls***ing the giver-awayer. As I have never done such a thing I can't say I've ever blagged but today will the first time I've ever blogged.

Anway - what is so spesh about 5th Sept?
Im in the middle of scrapping my first ever "boy" layout today - that's 2 firsts in one day. Well actually 3 because I've bought an apron depicting the nude outline of a woman whose only got tomatoes and basil to conceal her modesty - strategically placed on the rudey bits.

It's my first apron. Does this mean I now have to cook? Who knows and quite frankly who cares?

Have a great day you nosey sods. Go and do you own blog.


domestic goddess said...

hello hun, and my first today was posting on a blog!!!
thsi should be an interesting, eyeopener.
Well my apron says "domestic goddess" still working on that bit!
So than jaffa's congrats on blogging, i will keep my beady eyes on this with bated braeth
your cyber sis

Kirsty said...

Why thank you Anna Louise - your spelling is just as shite a mine.

domestic goddess said...

i know, just noticed , lol, shame they dont have spell check

domestic goddess said...

come on kirsty babes get blogging!

Anonymous said...

What a stunning face you have Kirsty you are very pretty.
Your blog is so funny.
The most interesting blog I have read

Anonymous said...

I logged onto your page to have a look at your digi scrapping downloads and was pleasantly suprised by the humour. I had to supress giggles so as not to wake my 6 month old. Not so long ago, I was bitten by a horse fly and 'oh my gosh' did I whine like a baby for days. I could definitely empathise with your account of the ferocious insect attack! Anyway, thanks for the laugh. Louise

Life's Little Treasure's said...

Hi Kirsty,
Its natalie from design objectives I'm really gettin into this bloging thing, and I have set my own up:

was wandering if you would add my name to your list of docraft names.
Cant wait to have our collections come out in january everything looks sooooo goooood!!!

Speak to you soon mate. xx

Life's Little Treasure's said...

Hi girlie just wana say WOW you were amazing on QVC you should be so proud of yourself you did a great job representing Papermania. I was off sick today but I was shouting at the tv I did that go girl you show my stuff off!!! luv it!!!

ps you still aint added me hahahahha xx

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thankyou for the lil trees. Totally ticked of with 4 shared for making it difficult, I don't want a membership!!!!

luv robs


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